The Strawberry Falls light Railway.

Welcome to the online home of the Strawberry Falls light railway

Brief history 

The Strawberry Falls light Railway was constructed to move goods from the estate farms and sawmill to the port at nearby Greenock. With very limited funds and resources, the railway was a lightly laid narrow gauge line, meaning very little earthworks were required.

The building of the railway led to extension to a quarry on the estates land, firstly for the supply of ballast for the line and secondly the stone was of sufficient quality to be used by the local council for the purposes of roadbuilding and drainage aggregate.


The Reality.

The entire railway line is a complete figment of my imagination! The railway is, in reality, a 1:19 scale narrow gauge line, using PECO SM-32 flexitrack and points. The trackbed construction varies around the Garden. As the lawn slopes away from the rear of the house, the trackbed is firstly laid on a thin screed of concrete. This was laid on top of compacted type 1 material and levelled(Roughly!) with a trowel. Into the concrete, Rawlplugs were inserted and the track screwed down loosely using 1" gold screws.

Further away from the house the ground drops by about 3 feet at the bottom of the garden and at this point, the track is laid on a Sarking board atop a frame of 3x1 1/2 rough sawn timber. The Curved raised section was made up of short pieces of sarking board cut at 11 1/4 degrees and made up double thickness to make it rigid.

 No ballast has(so far) been laid down.